India's bumpy progress on the global infohighway

This list has existed since 1995, tracking India's progress from one of the most expensive,
monopolistic telecom markets to one of the most competitive. Here you will find techies, academics,
bureaucrats, activists and people simply interested in a critical look at India's
telecommunications and Internet growth.

An indicative (and not exhaustive) list of what we discuss:

1. What is the status of telecom in India? How does it compare with that of other countries?
2. What is the importance of telecom in India's development? What are we losing on account of the
poor state of telecom in the country?
3. Regulatory issues pertaining to pricing, monopolies, privatisation, structuring, etc.
4. Changes needed in Indian legislation such as the Indian Telegraph Act of 1885 to cater to
today's needs and those of the immediate future
5. Indian legislation vis-a-vis rights to privacy, freedom of expression, etc. in cyberspace
6. Implications of new technologies for Indian telecom, specifically:
1. Low-earth orbit communications (Iridium and the like)
2. Spread-spectrum, packet radio and other broadcast technologies
7. Implications of DOT policies and guidelines, such as:
1. Restrictions on interconnection of networks
2. License fees, bank guarantee requirements
8. Implications of the coming together of telecom and entertainment technologies
9. Matters pertaining to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)

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