Civic intelligence discussion

This list is devoted to discussion about "civic intelligence." Since civic intelligence is
intended to describe a collective behavior, the development of the concept should also be a
collective enterprise.

Civic intelligence is intended to help us understand how people and organizations are using
information and communication technology to address social and environmental problems. Ideally it
would help lead into appropriate educational programs, policy recommendations, and design criteria
for new digital resources.

Although the topics in this will undoubtedly evolve over time, the topics we'll probably discuss
will include: defining and discussing "civic intelligence" and planning additional opportunities to
present it in wider circles. A call for papers for a special issue of "AI & Society" on civic
intelligence will be launched soon. We are also tentatively planning DIAC-05 on that topic. Book
projects, etc. are also possible... I currently have a proposal under review at the National
Science Foundation.

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